Création à Istanbul du musée (virtuel) des femmes

Purposes of the Women's Museum Istanbul

Purposes of the Women’s Museum Istanbul


The raison d’etre of Women’s Museum Istanbul is to create a place to honour and inform, in order to keep the history of women up to date and to make a contribution to women’s memory.


The permanent exhibition focuses on the biographies of women who have broken new ground in the artistic and cultural life of a city that was built in 660 B.C. originally named Byzanthion, it acquired the name Constantinople in 330 AD, and was then known as Kustantiniye, Kostantiniye and Istanbul after 1453 and officially recognized in 1930 as Istanbul.
Temporary exhibitions in Women’s Museum Istanbul could cover any subject that is a part of Istanbul’s women’s memory. Temporary exhibitions are subject to evaluation as touring exhibitions both domestically and abroad after their time at Istanbul Kadın Müzesi.


The Women’s Museum Istanbul shows an extraordinary, surprising and inspiring performance with its permanent and temporary exhibitions, interactive presentation methods, cultural events aiming to commemorate women and social responsibility projects leading to long-term partnerships.


The Women’s Museum Istanbul establishes scientific and cultural partnerships within the country and beyond the borders with institutions working on commemorating women.

Meral Akkent
Women’s Museum Istanbul

Les musées consacrés aux femmes.

La galerie virtuelle turque Ekavart présente l’existence du National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA)  fondé en 1987 à NewYork comme l’unique musée consacré aux oeuvres créées par les femmes. Non ce musée n’est pas le seul du genre.Dans sa conférence à l’Institut français d’études anatoliennes à Istanbul le professeur Meral Akkent expose les multiples initiatives dans ce sens et l’existence de plusieurs initiatives dans ce sens et les divers musées de femmes de par le monde comme celui de Hanoï

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