Le pont sur la Corne d’Or dont l’architecte est le maire d’Istanbul finira bien, semble-t-i,l par défigurer la silhouette de la péninsule historique

Haliç bridge shaping up

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News

New bridge construction on Istanbul’s historic Golden Horn draws criticism from city planners, who say the contractors have not remained faithful to the original plans and are ruining the city’s silhouette


As the metro bridge over Istanbul’s Golden Horn begins to take shape, experts are critiquing its construction, saying the contractors have not remained faithful to the original plans and are ruining the silhouette of the city’s historical peninsula.

Several city chambers, architects, and numerous citizens have said that the bridges trestles have been built in a way unlike the plans the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality released to the public.

“This is not the same project UNESCO approved. They built three trestles instead of two, which was the original plan. Probably the contractors realized that their original bridge would not be able to support the metro, and they changed the plans without informing the public,” Korhan Gümüş, an architect and director of urban implementations for the former European Capital of Culture Agency told the Hürriyet Daily News yesterday.

Gümüş also said that since the very beginning of the project, six years ago, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been misleading the public about the process.

“This is a lost cause, we all know. It’s too late to turn back now, but putting the blame only on the municipality is not right. UNESCO officials and we, the civil society, also failed to save Istanbul’s silhouette,” he said.